A Conversation With Bette Green Founder

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Meet The Founder

We virtually sat down with Sarah Bette Green, Founder of Bette Green and talked all things Skincare, Nourish and her iconic Cleansing Stick. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. 

Hi Sarah, it is such a pleasure to be with you today. To kick things off, can you tell us more about your background and how did you start with your brand?

I grew up in Los Angeles but spent every summer in Mexico surrounded by the women in my family. My mom is one of five sisters, I have one sister & we are two of eleven first (female) cousins. Most of our interactions took place around food or beauty. Summers were the happiest part of my childhood and a huge influence in my life. The celebration of the female experience and generational connection that I experienced every summer is a huge inspiration for bette green.

Can you share more about your brand mission. For those who may not be familiar with the brand yet, what can you tell us about your ethos?

I wholeheartedly believe that beauty has the power to connect. Our bigger mission at bette green is to create a kick-ass beauty product that also works as a tool to connect us to ourselves and to the people who love us most and always have our backs. As for our ethos, bette green is about taking care of ourselves without taking ourselves too seriously! This is why we create fuss-free, feel-good products!

What is/are the products from your line that you always carry with you?

I use our Cleansing Stick religiously. It’s my morning and night-time cleanser & I love that I never need to be without it because it can go with me anywhere!

Can you share more about the product featured in the Ambrosia box?

Our Cleansing Stick is our hero product and I’m really proud of the quality and efficacy we achieved. Most of the ingredients are organic and we specifically formulated it to match the skins natural pH. What that means is it cleans without drying out your skin. We made sure to include hydrating & moisturizing properties so skin is left not only clean, but hydrated & moisturized as well. We wanted it to work but feel- good too. I love the silkiness of the balm- there’s almost a cooling, calming feel when it touches your skin. And the scent- we worked long and hard to get it just right. If you’re more of a routine person- it couldn’t be more effective and efficient, but if you like to create more of a ritual, the feel and smell really elevate the experience. It truly is a product that works for everyone.

What is your inspiration and creative process when you come up with new products?

I usually get my best ideas in the bath or when I’m walking outside. Writing those thoughts and ideas down on paper is crucial for me. I’m 100% old school when I’m creating and have post-its everywhere!

The theme of our fall box is Nourish – How do you like to Nourish Yourself?

I love the L’oreal tagline- because you’re worth it. I know I’m nourishing myself when I don’t feel guilty about making choices that make me feel good. Whether that’s taking time for myself, treating myself to a great dinner, taking a break from work to spend an entire day with my family. It’s listening to what I need. Because I’m worth it ☺

Do you have any wellness rituals you would like to share with us?

In LA it used to be a 20 minute bath every single night. Now it’s a 30 minute walk every single morning. I guess quiet alone time is the common denominator.

What small habit makes you feel good?

Not looking at my phone or turning on the TV for at least the first 10 minutes of my day. I really like easing into my day.

How does your skincare/beauty/wellness regime change with the new season?

Summer’s for me are usually very active, and this summer was no different. I actually moved cross-country with my family so it really was just non-stop, all about moving forward. With the new season I like to slow down a bit, reflect on what’s worked so far this year and try to let go of what I no longer need. As for my skin- during this time of year I like to seal my routine with a richer, moisturizing cream.

What is next for your brand? What are you working on?

As I mentioned, this summer I relocated my family from LA to NY so getting everyone feeling settled and at home has been the top priority. Now that we’ve all found our groove I’m focusing time and energy on the last quarter of this year which means Holiday! I’m talking to a few fellow brand founders about collaborations that could add something fun and a little extra to our communities.

I’m thinking about future products but am in no rush. I’m being super thoughtful about what comes next. A new product has to be aligned with our less is more, fuss-free, feel- good approach to beauty. I’m dreaming up something multi-purpose and really special. Will keep you posted!

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