Meet Roberta Terracchio – The Illustrator behind the Recharge Box

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Meet the Artists

Hi Roberta, it’s is great to chat with you. To start, can you tell us more about your story/background?


My name is Roberta Terracchio, and I like to compare myself to comic book superheroes because of my double life. In the morning, I’m a manager at a fashion e-commerce, while in the evening, I’m an author and illustrator. These two aspects of my life coexist in me like a superpower.

I entered the world of publishing and illustration in 2014 after graduating in comic books and illustration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, which I consider my second home. I am the founder of the IDAMM group (I draw in my own way) and serve as the president of the Aduntratto association, an online magazine focused on illustration that has been the main focus of my online illustration webinars for a long time.

I have an online shop where I sell my creations, and I hope it continues to grow. One of my most cherished personal projects is the “Calendario dei Buoni Propositi” (Calendar of Good Intentions), which I have been selling for a while along with my bi-monthly newsletter

I live in Palermo in a little house with a small garden, together with my husband Fabio, who is my partner in ideas, projects, and adventures. I’m a curious reader, and I love to illustrate and read anything related to psychology and spirituality. I enjoy walking in nature with Fabio, who is becoming a naturalist guide, traveling, listening to podcasts, and constantly learning new things.

Although I have been working and drawing with the iPad for some time now, the pencil and sketchbook remain my first love, and I return to them whenever I can.


Can you share with us more about your creative process in designing these illustrations and subject?


The process behind the illustration of “Recharge” is shaped by the idea that dedicating time to our well-being, whether it’s mental or physical, is an essential practice to rejuvenate our vital energies.

Each of us, in our innermost self, possesses a secret ritual for recharging energies, a special place where time expands, and peace embraces the soul. This ritual can vary from person to person: some find serenity immersing themselves in the lush atmosphere of a spa, others prefer getting lost in the golden rays of a brand-new dawn, while still others engage in a light run through the trails of a park.

In order to make the illustration of “Recharge” authentic and meaningful for every woman who possesses it, I delved into the search for those shared actions or processes that unite us all: rest.

Rest, of immeasurable value, is like a silent melody that plays in the depths of our being. It’s that moment when thoughts settle, like falling leaves dancing in the autumn air, and the outside world fades away, leaving us in a state of profound calm. Rest represents the primary ritual for recharging the now depleted batteries of our existence.

A peaceful night, a deep sleep, is like a gentle embrace from the universe, a preparation for the new day. It is a precious gift that can change the course of our days, transforming routine into an opportunity for growth and well-being, enabling us to face challenges with renewed vigor and a more positive outlook.


What is the technique you used in the tote bag and intention card?


To create the postcard, I first sketched a couple of ideas on paper, my first love. I proposed three concepts, all centered around rejuvenating actions.

Subsequently, once the subject was selected, I relied on my faithful iPad, which I also use for more complex book projects. I then conducted several color tests to best convey a sense of complete rejuvenation.

As for the tote bag, I converted everything into vector format to create a clean and consistent image that immediately conveyed the theme. I also selected a color palette that best embodied a sense of well-being.



Where did you find inspiration for our theme Recharge?


The inspiration for this project came from a journey I’ve been on for some time, one related to both mental and physical well-being.

Due to my dual work life, I often found myself completely drained at the end of the day or after extended periods of stress. This sometimes unpleasant experience made me realize the importance of stopping and taking a break to recharge my energies.

In these moments of rest, I came to understand how crucial it is to dedicate time to oneself to restore balance. It was like discovering a hidden treasure amidst the daily hustle and bustle.

So, I decided to translate this discovery into an artistic project, hoping it can inspire others to do the same. My hope is that anyone who looks at these illustrations can rediscover the joy and value in taking time to rest and recharge, thereby rekindling the beauty of the ritual of rest.


How do you like to Recharge?


To recharge, I love immersing myself in the woods and mountains, rediscovering that connection and tranquility that only nature can provide. Indeed, after a camping adventure, under the blanket of a starry sky and surrounded by curious foxes, I found my energy once again, just as if I had taken a stay in a luxurious spa!


What is your favorite ritual of self-care?


It may seem simple, but my self-care ritual is the precious gift of time.

Granting myself time, in whatever form I feel the need, is like a magical ritual. I can choose to tend to my nails or let myself be carried away by tears while listening to music. In both cases, I draw closer to myself and my soul, because this is the best way to take care of oneself. It’s like a secret dance between my inner self and time, a unique and precious choreography.

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