REJOICE BOX | Spring 2023

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Rejoice is the theme of the Ambrosia Spring 2023 box. This box is the pampering indulgence you have been waiting for! From our collectible tote bag and intention card illustrated by artist Jess Ardizzone to a sensory discovery through our curated wellness must-haves such as the revitalizing Herban Lemongrass Bar Soap, the supple Brightening Eye Cream by Good Medicine Buauty Lab, the pampering B​​lush Sóak by So Luxury, and the hydrating Suntegrity Mineral Sport Sun stick.

4 full-size products
1 exclusive Intention Card
1 exclusive Tote Bag

Total Value: $125 USD

Learn more about the products featured in this box below and via our digital booklet: Here

Product Description

GOOD MEDICINE BEAUTY LAB - Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream - $58

Net Wt - 1 oz.
Starry Eyes is packed with vitamins, minerals, humectants, and antioxidants to help repair the skin's natural defense system, boost collagen and protein production, and guard against environmental stress and free radicals. This intense therapy formula provides deep hydration, improved blood circulation, and increased cell reconstruction. Open your eyes to a brighter world.
Skin Type: For every skin type, including sensitive skin.
How to Use: Begin by dabbing little dots around the eye socket where the eyebrow ends and finishing near your nose. Once you have a happy little train of skin-loving dots, use two fingers to gently press them into the skin along the trail, following with a gentle tapping motion until the cream has married your skin. Feel a slight warming of the area as the cream smoothes fine lines, hydrates, rejuvenates and firms puffy eyes. For immediate and lasting results, use it daily.

SUNTEGRITY SKINCARE - Mineral SPORT Sun Stick, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - $26

Net Wt - 1.16 oz (33 g)
This convenient, water-resistant SPORT Sun Stick provides UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection from the sun's harmful rays. Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide in a solid stick form, it glides onto skin smoothly without leaving a greasy feel. Organic coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter leave the skin hydrated and moisturized while organic sweet orange essential oil uplifts the senses. This stick is great for quick touch-ups on your hands, face, chest, and shoulders.
Skin Type:For every skin type
How To Use: Apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before being in the sun (for best results) so that it can be absorbed by the skin and less likely to wash off when you perspire. Use on all parts of your skin exposed to the sun, including the ears, back, shoulders, and the back of the knees and legs.

SO LUXURY - B​​lush Sóak - $26

Net Wt - 6.5 oz
Our Blush Sóak starts with our signature Coco Oat Milk Bath - a luxurious blend of organic coconut milk powder and organic oats enriched with Himalayan Pink salts and Epsom salts.
Skin Type:For every skin type.
How to Use: Dissolve 3-5 tablespoons in warm running bath water.

HERBAN - Lemongrass Plant Bar Soap - $11

Net Wt - 500g
Herban’s humectant body soap is handmade with plant-based ingredients that nurture the skin to leave it soft and hydrated. Coconut butter and vegetable glycerin are responsible for a rich, humectant lather with the power to gently cleanse the body, face, and hair. Be sure to inhale the aromatherapy from the lemongrass essential oil to help uplift your spirit and calm the mind.
Skin Type:For every skin type.
How to Use: This humectant cleanser can be lathered from head to toe daily. Keep your long-lasting bar dry between uses to enjoy the skin healing benefits for up to 3 weeks!