Sustainable Unboxing and Packaging

by | Mar 12, 2022 | The Ambrosia Brand

Ambrosia is committed to sustainability in all aspects of what we do. 

It is a challenge to design a subscription box that can be sustainable and eco-friendly. Typically, once subscribers open up their boxes, they are left with bulky packaging that is simply going to be wasted. 

Finding an eco-friendly packaging solution was crucial for Ambrosia’s purpose and vision. 

After a lot of work, diligence and experimenting we finally found the perfect packaging partner that aligned with Ambrosia’s sustainability goals. 

We are very proud to partner with Boox as our zero-waste packaging supplier and to contribute to bringing circularity to e-commerce. Each Ambrosia box that is shipped and delivered to you, will then have another life and will be shipped, delivered, and reused over and over again: no more wasteful, single packaging for you to deal with. 

We believe that with this packaging alternative, you will be much happier (no more breaking down boxes and less garbage for you!) and you will contribute to a cleaner planet.


How does it work? Easy!

Once you open your Ambrosia box you will find inside the flap top of the box a QR code that once you scan will direct you to the closest “Return Place” Boox location in which you can drop your Boox box. There are more than 6,000 Returns Places that will be pretty easy to find and to make your return trip even greener, we recommend taking it once you are already in the area of your dropping location. There is no rush to return your empty box and you can do it at any time, you can also wait to receive more Ambrosia boxes to make your trip worthwhile, but we promise it will be pretty easy. While we recommend returning your empty box at your convenience, it is not mandatory and you can keep it if you can find it suitable for another purpose of your daily life. There is an option to receive a USPS label, which can be accessed via the QR scan experience.​

Additionally, in our quest to be as eco-friendly as possible within our packaging solutions, all our tissues, stickers, and tapes included in your Ambrosia boxes are completely recycled and compostable. Our tissue paper is made from recycled, biodegradable materials so that it’s 100% compostable. Both our tissues and stickers are acid-free, paper certified by the Forest Steward Councilship (FSC), and can be composted at home. They are also printed in soy-based inks to fully compost without generating waste or toxins.

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