Our Story


Ambrosia is a curated wellness subscription box for the modern woman looking to elevate their moment of me-time from the comfort of their home.

PURPOSE – We believe wellness is not a luxury but a mindset that can be made real through small but important daily rituals. We founded Ambrosia to empower women to create moments of self-care and mindful living.

VISION – Inspired by the mythological and powerful Elixir of Life, we want you to nourish your inner and outer beauty, pamper your mind, body, and soul and celebrate self-care through a holistic approach to wellness.

MISSION – From the moment of unwrapping — Ambrosia invites you to slow down, create time for yourself, and indulge in a pampering journey where your needs matter.

Meet the Founder

Veronica Baesso

Veronica Baesso


Veronica Baesso hails from the picturesque town of Verona in Italy but is a true global citizen having lived and worked in Milan, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin and now makes the most iconic city in the world, New York City, her home. With a Master’s Degree in International Marketing and a background in advertising, content curation, and media, Veronica has brand expertise in the top echelons of the fashion, travel, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. For more than a decade, she has worked at brands like Il Mulino, AFAR Magazine, and her own lifestyle and travel consultancy Ronnie Spirit. Most recently, Veronica’s desire for wellness and passion for a challenge has propelled her to launch Ambrosia, a curated wellness subscription box for the modern woman.

With a “Virgo-like” attention to the finest details and obvious marketing and branding prowess, Veronica is poised to explode on the subscription box scene. Her quest to identify the latest trends in order to satisfy her #AmbRoses community is unparalleled. Her office is boundless — perfumeries in Paris to souks in Marrakech — all in service to find the very best.

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