A Conversation with Malaya Organics Founder

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Meet The Founder

We virtually sat down with Katya Slepak, Founder of Malaya Organics and talked all things Skincare, Flourish and her wonderful Rejuvenating Face Serum. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. 

Hi Katya, it is such a pleasure to be with you today. To kick things off, can you tell us more about your background and how did you start with your brand?

I used to work in the conventional cosmetics industry in sales and development. I couldn’t use any of the products from the lines I worked with because I had terrible cystic acne and eczema. During that time I discovered how to heal my body from the inside out by changing my diet and lifestyle, and switching to 100% natural cosmetics and skincare.

My passion for green beauty grew from there. I studied formulation and western herbalism, became certified in aromatherapy, and also studied natural perfumery. Equipped with this knowledge, and trained in a cosmetic manufacturing lab, I started crafting formulas for my very problematic skin, and finally found products that my skin loved in my own creations. My micro batches started to grow as others tried my products and had amazing results with their skin and hair. Eventually I realized that I needed to brand this thing, and launched Malaya Organics. The rest is history, and the best is yet to come 🙂

Can you share more about your brand mission. For those who may not be familiar with the brand yet, what can you tell us about your ethos?

At the heart of our brand is purity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. We make products that are not just super effective but are also safe for us and safe for our planet. 100% Natural, 0% harmful. We pride ourselves in formulating the purest, high performing formulas that naturally support your skin as it ages, but are also especially kind to sensitive and problematic skin. 

We are also deeply invested in giving back initiatives, helping communities in need and environmental stewardship. We share our passion and love through each creation, wishing to inspire you to be good to your body and to…Love yourself and the skin you’re in!™

What is/are the products from your line that you always carry with you?

Our Lip Balm and Hand Butter (both about to relaunch on our site with updated formulas and packaging). I also always have our travel size Rejuvenating Face Serum in my make up bag and our Firming Eye Serum. Both do wonders at waking up the skin on the go, giving your skin a youthful glow, firming and brightening the under eye area, when you need it most – midday or for an evening, refreshed look.

Can you share more about the product featured in the Ambrosia box?

Our Rejuvenating Face Serum is the queen of our line. It is still our top selling product from our whole collection. We have a very strong returning client base for this product, which is very heart warming because it is my favorite product in my line. It is a very unique and special formula, which took a long time to perfect. The oil serum absorbs quickly, never feeling heavy or greasy on the skin, yet sustains moisture in the skin throughout the day, giving it the perfect protection from the elements and the nourishment the skin needs to stay balanced and supple. 

The formula is designed to improve your skin’s overall immunity with an infusion of adaptogenic herbs, as well as repair scar tissue, give skin a boost of vitamins and minerals, and enhance collagen synthesis; thanks to a super unique bouquet of skin loving ingredients, especially Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and Gardenia Oil. Our Serum is also loved by makeup artists. It works amazing as a skin primer under makeup, and if you want to achieve that dewy glow look. If you had too much fun in the sun, our serum does wonders at quickly repairing sunburn, so be sure to apply generously after sun exposure.

Our Serum pairs perfectly with our Hydrating Mist – Refresh & Renew, which gives skin a boost of electrolytes, offering it the perfect hydration, while our Serum gives skin the perfect, quick absorbing moisture layer, enhancing the moisture barrier function, as well as improving moisture and hydration retention, leaving skin firm and smooth, with an even texture and glowing complexion.

What is your inspiration and creative process when you come up with new products?

I get deeply inspired by plants and what they do for the skin. But I am equally intrigued by science backed active ingredients, and how they combine with plant based ingredients for advanced functionality and efficacy. When I craft a new formula, my first line of thought is how will it support the skin in a way that will make it feel and behave at its best, and enhance its ability to repair itself. How does it fit into the rest of our line? Can it be used together with the core collection to support the efficacy of our other core products?

The creative process usually entails researching ingredients that work harmoniously to achieve the action and effect I want that product to give. Then I start charting formulas as I dive into my RND ingredient library. The following step – I get into my RND studio and start formulating, reformulating and troubleshooting the formula. I am painfully meticulous when it comes to the efficacy of my products. My attention to detail is a blessing and a curse because the formula has to perform 100% as I intended, and then some, in order for me to release it. My products go through many reformulations until I’m completely satisfied.

The product has to first and foremost give the action and effect that it was designed to give. It has to absorb or sit well on the skin, feel wonderful, and smell amazing. My intention is for skin to be improved, enhanced and supported with my products. I don’t like using too many products so when a product is lackluster or does nothing for your skin, that is very disappointing to me. I started making my own products because I was in search of seriously high performance, truly effectual formulas. That is what I aim to create. Some of my formulas go through countless reformulations and take years to perfect.

The theme of our winter box is Flourish – What makes you Flourish?

Taking care of myself and spending quality time with my family. Humans are very simple creatures at the core; when we are well cared for, we thrive. My self-care rituals and spiritual practice certainly make me flourish. What also makes me flourish is when I have the time, space and capacity to express myself through my favorite art form – my healing skincare potions. I am an artist and a creator at heart. When I delve deep into the creative process, I feel fully self-expressed, at ease, an in harmony.


What is your favorite wellness ritual?

Meditation! This restores me the most and super quickly. It’s a very effective tool for me, for my overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I have been practicing meditation methods for more than half my life. It took years but I found the practice that works wonders for me. It supports my overall well-being immensely.

One of my absolute fave rituals also is an at home facial, or even better, at home spa day – exfoliate and mask with our Advanced Repair Mask and Herbal Facial Polish mixed with our Soothing Cleansing Oil. Scalp and hair deep conditioning treatment with our Repair & Style Hair Oil. A bath with our Detox Lava Bath Salts, and a total body exfoliation with our Black Tea & Neroli Body Polish. Finish with our Rejuvenating Face Serum and Woods Moisturizing Body Oil, and of course follow with a facial massage with our 3D Facial Sculpting tool and Gua Sha. The final touch – our Crystal Facial Roller and Crystal Eye Mask in Savasana = heaven…

What small habit makes you feel good?

Going to bed early and waking up early. This makes the whole day feel more productive. Stretching, yoga and exercising regularly. Drinking tea. Avoiding sugar. Listening to music. Reading a book. Practicing mindfulness. Burning candles, sage, palo santo, incense. Channeling white light. MEDITATION!

What is next for your brand? What are you working on?

We are in the process of updating some formulas to relaunch soon on our site, and finalizing some new products for our core collection, which we anticipate to launch in Q4. We are also planning a brand refresh, which is very exciting yet incredibly nerve wrecking and time consuming at once. Also, we have secured new partnerships overseas, so we are all very excited to see how this new adventure pans out for MO.

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