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by | Mar 10, 2022 | The Ambrosia Brand

When I decided to create Ambrosia, it was in the midst of the pandemic, a time in which like many of us, I became more mindful about my health and overall wellness. On one hand, as a discerning beauty consumer, I started becoming move aware of what I was putting on/in my body, from skincare to ingestible beauty, and learning more about the ingredients used, products formulation and benefits. On the other hand, my apartment became the centre of all my living needs and activities: not only my home, but also my office, my gym and much more. I felt there was a need to reclaim my space as a sanctuary, as a safe harbor, a place I could escape all the stress and busyness that life in these unpredictable moments was bringing. 

The more I spoke with others, particularly women, the more I felt I was not alone: finding moments for yourself was pretty challenging. 

That is why when defining the purpose and vision of Ambrosia, I had a clear idea of the direction I wanted to go: Ambrosia will be an invitation to slow down and create intentional moments for the comfort of your home. Sometimes, it is really hard to take a break and dedicate some time to recharge and my wish to you is that when you receive your Ambrosia box you will make the conscious decision to choose yourself and take the time to build daily rituals that will improve your overall well-being. 

Of course, it is up to you how you want to enjoy your new discoveries, so even if we are promoting a sense of “me-time” it doesn’t necessary mean the best way to feel recharge and pampers needs to happen solo, it can definitely be a shared moment with your love ones or friends, whatever makes you feel good. 

The choice of Ambrosia as the brand name came as naturally as its purpose and vision. Known in ancient Greek mythology as the nectar of the Gods, Ambrosia was served regularly to Gods as food to maintain immortality, power and strength. It was also known to be so powerful that even if eaten by mortals, they will become immortal like Gods. 

Inspired by this powerful Elixir of Life, Ambrosia’s vision is to provide through our quaterly boxes essential and coveted products to nourish your inner and outer beauty, pamper your mind, body and soul and celebrate self-care through a holistic approach to wellness. Additionally, Ambrosia was considered one of the purest ingredients found in nature and the relation to our commitment is to curate for you the highest quality of products with the best ingredients is paramount. Of course, we cannot guarantee immortality, but we want you to unleash and cherish your inner Goddess. 

The last question remaining to answer is, who are the #AmbRoses? 

AmbRoses is the name we chose to call our community, made of women (but also the men out there into pampering and self-care!) looking to elevate their moments of “me-time” from the comfort of their home. What Ambroses have in common goes beyond age, race and culture and it is driven by a mutual mindset in which implementing daily rituals and intentional living can improve yourself and those around you.


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